Something Called The ‘iPotty’ Actually Exists

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shutterstock_38602876A new toilet training tool called the iPotty made its debut at CES 2013. I’m not sold on iPads for toddlers. This thing might make me change my mind. Emphasis on the word “might.”

The iPotty has a built in case for an iPad so your child can keep themselves occupied – and ideally stay on the pot long enough to accomplish something. That’s the big struggle with potty training, isn’t it? Keeping your child in one place long enough for things to get done is not easy. We’ve even resorted to placing the potty in the living room and turning on the TV. Don’t judge me. At least this little contraption keeps the potty in the bathroom.

I’m trying to be open minded about this whole thing, and brush aside my usual bias to handing a toddler a $400 toy. I know what you’re thinking – an iPad isn’t a toy – but I beg to differ. When you hand anything to a toddler it becomes a toy. I totally understand the reasoning behind it – my iPhone captivates my child like nothing else that he owns. I just don’t know if I am comfortable with teaching my child to be transfixed to a screen constantly. Frankly it annoys me when adults bring their gadgets into the bathroom. Can we not have two minutes of unplugged time? Also, it’s kind of gross. Not sure if I want to teach this behavior to my child.

I know there are many that argue that handing a child an iPad and handing them a book is essentially the same thing. They would be wrong. One is totally cheap and disposable, one is an expensive piece of complicated technology than many adults in this country can’t even afford. Even if you have the money to throw expensive gadgets at your children, I’m not sure it’s the responsible thing to do.

The iPotty retails for $39.99 (iPad not included, of course) and will go on sale in March on

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