Upcoming iPhone iOS 11 Update Lets You Screen Record and It’s Got Twitter Divided

Those of us hooked to our iPhones know how useful they can be, and that’s why we get so excited whenever a new update comes around. Apple recently revealed plenty of new additions to our favorite phone’s capabilities, from a Do Not Disturb While Driving feature to updates that will make our cameras even better. But what’s the one that’s causing the most buzz? It’s the new iPhone iOS 11 feature that lets you screen record””and so far, it seems to have Twitter divided between folks who think it’s fantastic and those who believe it’s just another step toward living in a Black Mirror  episode.

The gent who tweeted the first peek at the the new iOS capability, Faiz Shakir, told Buzzfeed he thinks it holds plenty of benefits.

“It’d be easier to show people who may need help with their phone exactly how to do something, i.e. my grandparents always ask me for help with their iPhone and now I can send a how to video via iMessage,” the 20-year-old said.

But while the Apple iOS 11 screen record can certainly be used for good, there’s a chance it could also be used for evil.

“I was shocked because you could be recorded while on FaceTime or Snapchat without your knowing,” Shakir noted.

As usual, you can rely on Twitter to give you the full spectrum of reactions to this potentially wonderful/potentially dangerous new feature.

From the looks of it, what seems to scare people the most is having private things they send (especially snaps) recorded, when they’re meant to be deleted right away. So the biggest warnings right now are against sending nudes. But hey, maybes that’s a good thing. Perhaps folks will go back to old school nude Polaroids (which I suppose could still be photographed and made public). Alright, maybe nothing is safe.

Some also seem concerned about how the ability to record everything on our screens will essentially empower our dragging culture (that’s basically calling folks out””though it’s often just used more to bully people than to call them out for good reasons).


Hopefully, though, I can just use it to record certain videos my toddler likes so he can watch them offline, too.

(Image: Twitter / @fvizs)

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