10 Useful Inventions Moms Of Toddlers Really Want

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6. Time Stopper/Accelerator

In a fair and scientifically advanced world, that moment when he giggles at the dog, and that good morning hug should last at least four hours each. And then we’d like to speed through the next tantrum in .33 seconds.


7. Cry/Grunt Translator

Those dog translation boxes they had in Up seemed like just a cute punch line, but imagine if we had them for our pre-language babes. We’d be able to catch their needs before they turn into screams and wails. Hopefully, they wouldn’t also provide running commentary on our parental screwups, though.


8. Food Capsule Puffs

Where are those Jetsons-style food pills already? OK, so science has already told us that they could never squeeze adequate calories and nutrients into a single capsule, but maybe they could do it in a cup of puffs for those days when the kids refuse everything else? We’d also settle for a spray that makes spinach taste like chocolate cake.


9. Zero Gravity Food

On the other hand, food can be plenty of fun, too, especially when it’s tossed in every direction. If we could create a zero-gravity zone around the high chair, so the kid’s carefully balanced (and lovingly cooked) meal doesn’t all go to the dog or the regrettably dirty floor, then we’d all be happy.


10. Clones

Or, you can skip all of the above and help us be in two or three places at once. Goodbye “can’t have it all” dilemma, hello, perfectly balanced life. Just no Orphan Black-level drama, if you please.

Certainly this is the mere tip of the wish-list iceberg, and I know I’m nowhere near imagining the gadgets I’ll demand for an older kid. What would you like to see someone invent, if the laws of physics were no object?

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