New Expose On What The Nanny Thinks Makes Me Happy I Don’t Have A Nanny

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poppinsHurray! It’s time for another interview from Fashion Week Daily where they talk to asshole people and we all then go to talk about what sort of assholes they are. Yay! Last time they interviewed a super rich Hamptons housewife, and this time they anonymously interviewed a nanny for a super rich Southampton housewife. Yay for lifestyles of the rich and I’m-so-glad-I’m-not-these-people!

They asked the nanny, who works for a couple with four children and who makes 250 dollars a day, about what her daily responsibilities are:

I’m expected to help clean up the house, wake up the kids in the morning and get them dressed, feed them, and spend the entire day looking after them. I look after four kids, all under 8-years-old. They’re all difficult kids and play off of each other’s bad behavior.

For 250 dollars a day? I’m sorry, but that doesn’t seem too shabby. I’m not so great at maths but that equals out to be about 90 clams a year plus it doesn’t sound like her job sucks so much and when they asked if she was happy with it:

I am. It’s hard work, but a lot of it is sitting at the pool or watching them play at the beach. I’m being paid to be a mom.

And when they asked her what she does all day:

I try to leave the house every day because they get restless if we don’t, but we pretty much do the same thing every day. The mom will drop us off at the park or the beach club or in town and I’ll get lunch with them. She just brings me places and leaves me there.

The beach and lunch. Sounds like she is basically working in a meat processing plant doing filthy, grueling, intense labor. I know nannies work hard and it can be an extremely difficult job, I did read that Nanny Diaries book ya know, but it’s all just so.. I don’t know. I’m not sure I’d want someone looking after my kids who was this complain-y about their job. She also goes on to say some pretty not nice stuff about her employers (The mom: she really just sits in her bedroom on her computer, shopping online and the dad: The father is always working so I understand why he’s not around)

I’m sure taking care of kids who you didn’t give birth to isn’t the most rewarding job, but I guess I sort of like to think that people who choose this career path do so because they really love children. And I would hate to hire someone and know they were being all judgey about me behind my back, ugh. And the article also has this super judgmental tidbit about how this nanny would not hire a nanny:

I wouldn’t. Before I was a nanny I hadn’t given it too much thought. I wouldn’t have said no right away, but after nannying I think it’s so sad because there’s another person taking care of your kids. I don’t really get it. Most people have kids because they want to raise them and they want to teach them their values. If someone has a full-time job I could understand it. But I don’t get how wives that do nothing justify having one.


She needs to give me a very long piece of paper so I can explain why a woman who doesn’t work might want a nanny. Yes, it’s not for me, because even if I didn’t have a job I would still wanna be the person doing the majority of the childcare, but I don’t think it’s cool to judge moms with no job who want outside help. It’s not our business to police someone else’s decisions.

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