Internet Trolls Are Eating Their Words With New ‘Troll Cakes’

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If you’re on the internet (and especially if you’re an opinionated woman-of-color on the internet), you’ve probably run into an internet troll or two (thousand). The internet is rife with rude and pathetic trolls. They have permeated our social media and basically overthrown countless comments threads. No one likes them, so they like to get online and say spiteful and baseless things to anyone who doesn’t agree with them. But the fight against trolls is a thing (kind of) and the latest attack is being helmed by an artist and baker in Brooklyn, New York.

Her form of attack? Troll Cakes.

Kat Thek is the mastermind behind the bizarrely brilliant Troll Cakes Bakery and Detective Agency. Here’s how it works: First, you select a mean-spirited snarky comment from a troll (maybe something like “die in a fire” or “ur so uglee”). Then, if you have the troll’s home address, you send that along with the comment to the bakery. The bakers (whom I’m guessing so far is just Thek) will whip up something delicious (looks like chocolate chip brownie is the only option for the moment), and send it to the troll with their comment written into the cake in frosting or those candy letters. Like so:



Of course, most trolls aren’t all that forthcoming with their personal info, so the bakery will also try to find said troll’s home address for an extra fee. While a cake with an address will cost you $35, they can send one to an anonymous troll for $60 (on a case-by-case basis).

Thek told WPIX that she was inspired to create Troll Cakes after seeing a bunch of hateful trolls comment against Dolly Parton.

“People were saying bizarrely mean things to Dolly Parton it made me really mad, she is a treasure. Everyone loves her what is the point of being mean to Dolly Parton?”

Dolly Parton

Image: Giphy / SAG Awards

I think many of us can get behind that sentiment. As a female, a writer, and a feminist on the internet, I’ve had my fair share of trolls attack me and my work as well. So I can totally get behind Thek’s sentiments about trolling:

“I just like the contrast of someone being ‘oh, I’m powerful and scary’ from far away. I’m gonna be so mean, and then that mean thing showing up on a colorful, idiotically happy cake at their home or work. That delights me.”

Keep an eye out for more of Thek’s creative work, which has included a number of pull-tab fliers for “products” like Cat Hair Pills and Friends Forever Tampons (two tampons, one string—amazing).

(Image: TrollCakes)