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8 Reasons The Internet Insists Jessa Duggar Is Pregnant

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Duggar Bump Watch 2014 is about to turn into Duggar Bump Watch 2015 as the world awaits news of Jessa Duggar-Seewald’s inevitable pregnancy. The fervor only grows with each passing week as the wedding was November 1st and Jim Bob has been tapping his foot expectantly waiting for confirmation of another soldier of Christ on the way since approximately November 2nd. This poor girl. I’m sure some of you have picked up from my coverage of the Duggars that I am weirdly protective of these girls. I know Jessa probably does want to be pregnant and start her very own double-digit-sized family and hey, more power to her. However, it makes me bristle a bit to see that every move this girl makes is being twisted to indicate that SHE MUST BE PREGNANT. What if she wants to wait a few months (unlikely….but still) or what if it’s simply not happening yet? Even if it’s only been a few months, to read about this constant speculation on the contents of her uterus must feel pretty invasive. I know, I know- they put their lives and values out there for scrutiny and she should expect it but still- she is a very young woman who just got married. Maybe everyone should lay off until she announces her pregnancy. Or doesn’t. Whatever. In any event, straight from her Instagram posts, here are eight reasons the internet insists Jessa Duggar is pregnant. Because every move she makes must mean something:

1. Everyone knows pregnant women eat.

jessa sandwich

SHE’S HAVING CRAVINGS, YA’LL! Jessa went to Chick-fil-A with Ben and now the internet thinks a bite of spicy sandwich means it’s Baby Time. Or, maybe she’s just having lunch with her husband and testing out his sandwich.

2. Everyone knows pregnant women drink smoothies.

jessa smoothie

It’s healthy, so duh. Of course she is in the family way.

3. Everyone knows pregnant women love to shop wearing whimsical Santa hats.

jessa santa

I mean, her and Ben are clearly in a child-like, parenting frame of mind. Otherwise, why shop in these dorky hats? #bunintheoven #babytime #blessed

4. Everyone knows pregnant women smile.

jessa smiling

Such damning evidence here, folks. Her smile is obviously because she knows something we don’t know.

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