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Uma Thurman Goes Without Eye Makeup And The Internet Goes Insane

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What has Uma Thurman done to her face?

That is the question the internet was asking this week after Thurman stepped on to the red carpet for the premiere for her new miniseries The Slap. She wasn’t wearing any eye makeup. The internet was abuzz with questions about whether she had work done. They were insulting her. They were insufferable. All because she wasn’t wearing any mascara.

Here is the look that made everyone go insane with endless speculations:

"The Slap" Premiere Party

Here she is two weeks ago:

2015 House Of SpeakEasy Gala

Here she is three weeks ago:

NBCUniversal 2015 Press Tour - Day 2

The only thing that is different about these three images is that she isn’t wearing mascara in the first one. Female celebrities are under such an intense microscope in Hollywood – it’s a wonder any of them ever even leave the house. Here is what you may face if the public collectively decides they don’t like your new look:




And what if she did get work? What then? You have to put work into your appearance but you sure as hell better make it look effortless. We slam actresses in Hollywood for succumbing to the pressure of keeping themselves eternally youthful, and if they don’t succumb to that pressure we criticize them for looking old. It’s a no-win situation. It’s either “Oh my god, look how great she looks for her age” or “Oh no, what has she done?” Remember what happened to Renee Zellweger a couple months ago when the internet collectively decided that she had work done even though she denied it? It was like witch hunt.

She’s not wearing mascara. The end. She’s beautiful, talented, and gorgeous and she tasked with aging in Hollywood.

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