These 16 Internet Fails Are Still The Best Part Of The Internet

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You don’t … you’re going to be the same gender.

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Image: Failbook

LOL, this is the kind of mistake that you read and have to read again because you’re just not quite sure how they got to where they are. This lady is excited for her new niece or nephew! She can’t wait until she finds out if she’s an aunt or an uncle. Because apparently, she thinks that someone else’s baby will change her gender. That is one powerful baby. But also she doesn’t seem at all concerned that she could turn into a man tomorrow, which is sort of sweet in a weird way. We hope Aunt or Uncle Jenn is enjoying her new role.

The internet is a gift. And so are the people who use it incorrectly. When it seems like it’s all a raging garbage fire, someone comes along with some internet fails and restores our faith. I hope some people NEVER figure it out.

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