The Best Parenting Advice Given To Kate Middleton By Random Commenters On The Internet

The wait is on for the next royal baby to be born and that means the media is full of dumb non-news stories about Kate Middleton. Whenever there is an article about her parenting or how she is dressing or what kinds of activities she is partaking in while pregnant, the internet is only too happy to weigh in with their sage words. It would seem that many are either totally convinced she is reading their advice or just completely delusional. Either way, it’s very entertaining to see how seriously they take this whole event. It definitely borders on obsessive and creepy.

From an article today on People about how Duchess Kate was photographed *gasp* PREGNANT AND DRIVING, we have comments from internet strangers who seem to think they know what’s up:

1. Princesses Don’t Need Nannies


I love how strangers think it’s ok to chide Duchess Kate for having a nanny. She is one of the most photographed women in the world and when she’s out, looking after her kid solo must be pretty difficult while also watching for her dress to look perfect and her hair to stay out of her face. Like it or not, it’s pretty much her job to put on a good face in public. Can you imagine photographers capturing you while chasing your kid around at the park or whatever? I know I wouldn’t look so hot.

2. Birth Advice On Fleek


I’m pretty sure this is a troll but I see comments like this all the time on articles about Duchess Kate. People love telling their own tales of birth and think they know what way is best based on their own experience. Although it would be pretty funny to imagine the Queen Mother giving Kate ice chips during labor. This guy has a fun imagination, at least!

3. Whining About Her Title, As If She Gives A Shit


This isn’t parenting advice but you cannot talk about internet commenters in relation to Duchess Kate without going into how totally unraveled some of them get about addressing her properly. As if she reads these comments, or even cares. I know for my part as a “media” person, I use “Kate Middleton” rather than her formal title because it comes up most frequently in searches. I doubt any news outlet not referring to her by the proper moniker is doing so out of disrespect. They’re just doing their jobs, internet. Relax.

4. All Pregnant Moms Are JUST Like Kate Middleton


Then, there are the assholes trying to compare Duchess Kate to any other pregnant woman, as if their situations are remotely similar. Why would she want that security? I can’t even imagine! Maybe to protect her son and herself from rabid photographers infringing on her personal space? Look how her mother-in-law was killed. Come on, now. When was the last time a car full of media people chased you out of the Babies R Us parking lot? I rest my case.

5. The Nanny Thing, As It Bears Repeating


Far and away, most of the criticism I see about Duchess Kate has to do with questioning her need for a nanny. This bothers me so much. It is not anyone’s business why ANYONE else has a nanny, be it royalty or one of us Normals. Obviously, crazy people on the internet criticizing a famous woman for her parenting choices are not to be taken seriously but it really speaks to the climate of mommy judging in general. You know the people bothering to post about why in the WORLD Kate Middleton needs a nanny are total peaches with the moms they know in real life. How fun for everyone.

Best wishes to Duchess Kate, in case she happens to read this! Mommyish is always on your side!

(Image: GettyImages)

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