Internet Assholes ‘DaddyOFive’ Lose Custody of Two Kids

The hits (rightfully) keep coming for the internet’s worst parents, Mike and Heather Martin of the YouTube channel DaddyOFive. After the videos they made ”pranking” their children were called out as child abuse by fellow vlogger Philip DeFranco, the Martins faced a huge public backlash that they tried to control with two apologies (one where they blamed their viewers, and one crafted by a crisis management team). Now the couple has lost custody of Mike’s two youngest children, Cody, nine, and Emma, 12.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on Monday, Emma and Cody’s biological mother Rose Hall announced that she has emergency custody of the children. Hall, who was joined by her lawyer in the video, said that her children are doing well, and are getting back “to their playful selves.” Hall’s lawyer, Tim Conlon, said that while the Martins were busy “spinning” the issue with the media, he and Hall were before the court obtaining the emergency custody order.

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Sidebar, why the hell is everything related to this family on YouTube?? Step AWAY from the camera, people.

Conlon and Hall went on to thank the local Sheriff’s department and circuit court for their help in retrieving Cody and Emma from the Martins. They also credited YouTube commenters for calling attention to the abuse. The children are reportedly going through “deprogramming” to recover from the trauma they faced at the hands of their father and stepmother.

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In the video, Hall said that watching the videos where the Martins were “pranking” her children were “heartbreaking. It was disturbing seeing my kids being abused.” She stopped several times to gather her thoughts and control her emotions. She also said that when the police picked up Cody and Emma from the Martins’ home, Cody said that his father and stepmother had told him his mother “threw him away like he was garbage, and she didn’t love him anymore.” I hate these people so much.

Since they’ve been in their mother’s custody, the children have reconnected with their grandparents and other relatives, and are remembering “their old lives.” Hall says that Cody and Emma will need a lot of counseling to get through this, but she will be there to support both of them. She also mentioned that Emma was so excited to “finally have cheese.” Apparently she wasn’t allowed to have it at the Martins’ house. WTAF?! No cheese?! Seriously, these people are monsters.

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Best of luck to Cody, Emma, and their mother as they recover together.

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