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An Instagram Account Hilariously Imagines Barbie as a Millennial Mom

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There are a lot of funny Instagram accounts out there, but I think I’ve discovered my new favorite. The @tiff_thebarbie Instagram account shows us what Barbie would look like as a Millennial Mom – and totally nails it.

@tiff_thebarbie is, according to her Instagram bio, the mother of two beautiful children, Kelly and Wyatt, and happily married to Ken. The “mom” posts everything that you’d find on a typical millennial mom social media account: odes to her children, pregnancy updates, and pictures with her friends.

The Instas are priceless.

unicorn frapp, gross

Image: Instagram / @tiff_thebarbie

Tiff had a Unicorn Frappuccino! She’s so trendy!

Tiff and Ken

Image: Instagram / @tiff_thebarbie

What a precious family photo.

hipster mom tiff the barbie

Image: Instagram / @tiff_thebarbie

Tiff and baby Kelly are hipsters, apparently.

Also, look at the comments. There’s a whole subset of Barbie characters out there, guys. I don’t know if I’m scared or if I want to join them in creating little Barbie scenes.

The creator of the @tiff_thebarbie account, who would like to remain anonymous, told Babble that the photos definitely take a bit of work. “It depends on what type of picture I’m taking, how many dolls are in the shot, and how many props I’m using. I would say 30 minutes if none of the dolls keep falling over and tumbling everything down,” she said. “The total time with actually taking and editing the pictures could be an hour or maybe more.”

I especially cracked up at the pregnancy photos on the account. Tiff checked off all the boxes:

surprise baby

Image: Instagram / @tiff_thebarbie

There was a pregnancy announcement…

a banana

Image: Instagram / @tiff_thebarbie

A baby bump update…

It's a boy

Image: Instagram / @tiff_thebarbie

And even a gender reveal!

It’s too much. I can’t.

Every photo is curated to show Tiff the Barbie’s oh-so-perfect life. “I wanted to create a picture-perfect life with Barbie. When I started the account I wasn’t planning to give her such a fun life or family, I just kept getting ideas along the way!” the creator said to Babble. I want to know what this person does in real life.

(Image: Instagram / @tiff_thebarbie)