16 Inspiring Quote Tattoos That Won’t Make You Roll Your Eyes

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Image: Instagram / taterkaink; jessiebush_

Shirley Bassey would have us believe that diamonds are forever, but we can think of something even more permanent than a fancy rock: tattoos! Sure, you can get a cover-up for ink-gone-wrong, but people rarely get tattoos they think they’ll want to get rid of someday. People tend to pick something they believe will be just as meaningful, if not MORE, in the future than it is the day they finalized their design. Lyric and quote tattoos are a popular choice for many, because of just how personal they can be. There are endless variations and a quick scroll through Pinterest or Instagram and you’ll find some quotes that come up more often that others. So much that they’re considered a little cheesy now (looking at you “carpe diem“).

While a picture may be worth 1,000 words, quote tattoos are a great way to immortalize a message that means a great deal in someone’s life. Keep scrolling for some of our favorite inspiring quote tattoos!

Kindness Is Key

Image: Instagram / taterkaink

It’s short and sweet, but the message is clear: Be kind. A simple concept, but something that our world needs a good reminder of every now and again. We live in a time where negativity is tossed our way from news stories and social media posts, but when it comes down to it, if we could make a point of being a little more kind, we might just have the power to change the world. Being kind doesn’t cost a thing, but its value is immeasurable. The placement of this tattoo is also somewhat unique and gives us the impression that maybe this person thinks about the idea of being kind with each step. After all, we all take life one step at a time — why not be kind while you do it!

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