Inhabitots Posts ‘Ever Thought Of Making A Teddy Bear From Your Placenta?’ Gets Insta-Unliked By Readers

placentateddybearIt’s no secret in the parenting blogosphere that placenta is having a moment, and has been for a few years now. While our grandmothers probably didn’t even think twice about that sack of proteins, we’re contemplating if we should eat it or Facebook it, and there is a lot in between — as demonstrated with Inhabitots’s “5 Things You Can Do With Your Baby’s Placenta!” Number one on that list is, I shit you not, “craft a teddy bear.” And their readers were not pleased.

The copy reads:

1. Craft A Teddy Bear

How could anyone ever forget the placenta teddy bear we previously featured? Almost 11,000 Inhabitots readers voted and deemed the not-so-cuddly ode to the organ ”Barftastic!” Still, 732 of you deemed it ”Adorable.” To make this unique Teddy Bear, the placenta must be cut and cured with sea salt, and then made pliable with a tannin and egg mixture before transforming it into a one-of-a-kind teddy.

But who knows if Inhabitots’s readers even made it that far, as when the post made it to Facebook with the above visual, readers were beyond displeased:


There are tons more, but this one is my absolute favorite:


Let it be known that as crafty and pro-placenta as the mommy blogosphere is, a line has been drawn.

(photo: Facebook)

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