No, You Don’t Need To Buy Your Infant Christmas Gifts

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No, your infant doesn’t need a Christmas gift.

He’s not going to open it. He’s not going to care. He may try to eat the wrapping paper and will definitely be more interested by the box than anything in it. It’s a fact.

Clearly, I know that won’t stop parents from stuffing a bunch of gifts under the tree for baby. Christmas with a new baby is an exciting time and you want to include him. If you are one of those parents – great! No judgment. But seriously, you don’t have to. You can really eke out one more romantic, adult-focused Christmas while your baby is too young to care.

Our first Christmas with baby we got a big tree and put dangerous glass ornaments and tinsel all over it. We decorated the house with candles and focused our attention on buying each other gifts. We didn’t buy a single gift for baby, because he was mere months old. He had no idea what was going on. When my relatives asked what I “wanted for baby,” I said — how about a massage? For me.

I know there are parents decorating Pinterest boards with cute stockings they’ve made for their three-month-olds and endless lists of gift suggestions for infants. If you find that you aren’t one of those parents, it’s okay. You’re not a terrible parent for not yet making the effort to include your new baby in the celebrations. He doesn’t care.

There are parents who put newborns in festive outfits and take them to sit on Santa’s lap. Then there are parents who wonder if their kid is too young to understand what’s going on and question whether it’s really worth the effort. There’s nothing wrong with being either of these types of parents.

So if you find yourself days before Christmas without a bunch of gifts under the tree for your very small child – whatever. Trust me — he won’t remember.

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