17 Ways To Increase Your Baby’s Intelligence

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Nursery Rhymes

baby talk

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Recite nursery rhymes to your baby. Since nursery rhymes are repetitive your baby is often exposed to the same word three or more times. This isn’t something that they experience in normal everyday conversation. This gives them the opportunity to learn new words quicker and also increases their ability to use their memorization skills. Nursery rhymes are also short and allow your baby the chance to increase their listening skills while not becoming bored with the storyline. This is often the beginning of paving the way for a baby’s love of books and literature. Take the time to recite your favorite nursery rhymes with your baby every day, and watch their intelligence (and their love for reading) grow.

What about you? What are some of your favorite simple ways to interact with your baby and increase their intelligence? Let us know!

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