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10 Impossible Preschool Pinterest Crafts

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5. Ok, Now We Are Just Swimming Toward Ridiculous-ville

fishThis is so cute and perfect I want to hang it on my bathroom wall. No preschooler in the world could make this thing. Hell, some moms (raises hand) couldn’t make this thing.

6. E Is For Extra-Impossible

eagleI remember doing a weekly ABC homework assignment with my daughter when she was in preschool and they looked nothing like this masterpiece. This looks like something you could buy from the Land of Nod catalog and hang in your baby’s nursery. Oh, and we all know what a great preschool crafting medium broken egg shells are. Whatever, Pinterest.

7. A Web Of Fucking Lies

webI think we all know that if there is one thing tiny, chubby, preschooler fingers are great at, it’s weaving an intricate spider web out of yarn. I mean, that’s just science.

8. It’s Magically Ridiculous!


Ok, file this one under “Mom Is Making The Entire Thing From Start To Finish”. It’s adorable, I will admit, but seriously? Are we going to pretend for even a moment that a 4-year old could make this?

9. A Royal Pain

princessMy daughter would have gone bonkers for this in preschool but let’s be real here- I was thrilled she could cut something resembling a square at that age. Are we really expecting them to cut out all of the teeny pieces of Rapunzel’s rescue scene? I’m sure preschoolers somewhere are equipped with the manual dexterity to handle those miniscule princess googly eyeballs but I’ve never met one.

10. I Think This Monkey Is Mocking Me


Ugh, shit, so many parts. I’m not sure I could even figure out where they all go. I can picture my kid losing interest by the first leg placement and then it would be me, all alone, drinking wine and assembling a paper plate monkey. Sounds about right. Eff you, Pinterest.

(All craft images: via Pinterest)

(Feature image: Poznyakov/Shutterstock)

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