20 Important Makeup Tips For Women Over 30

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Cleanser? Check! Moisturizer? Check! Under-eye cream? Uhhhhh, next!

There are a lot of reasons it looks like we’re carrying around a full set of luggage under our eyes. Lifestyle, lack of sleep, and genetics can contribute to our under eye area looking less than fresh. And while a good concealer can do a lot of good, once we hit 30, we’re probably going to need some extra help. Look for a nightly under eye cream that addresses your specific needs (fine lines, dark circles, dull skin, puffy bags) and use it every night. It’s going to take some time for the effects to be noticeable, so don’t lose hope! In the morning, add an under eye treatment to your routine (after moisturizer but before primer). Look for one that can help minimize puffiness and brighten your eyes.

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