20 Important Makeup Tips For Women Over 30

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Makeup tips for your lips! Your over 30 lips, that is.

Truth time: our makeup tips for lips would usually include chapstick and maybe the occasional scrub to keep them soft. But we’re trying to do better! So here’s some better makeup tips for the over 30 crowd. We’re going to use the word wrinkles again (it’s kind of rude how many times we’ve mentioned them, we know). Those fine lines around your lips? Those suck. They come with aging, and they suck! They can also cause your lipstick to feather or bleed. But luckily, our makeup tips include a couple of easy fixes. You could use primer around your lips (same one you use on your eyelids) to fill in the little lines. Then use a lip liner that’s the same shade as the lipstick your using, and line your lips BEFORE you apply lipstick. This creates a little waxy barrier around your lip line that will keep your lipstick from feathering.

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