20 Important Makeup Tips For Women Over 30

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When it comes to eye shadows, you don’t need to completely give up the glam. But you need to adjust the kind of glam you’re going for.

Remember how we talked about eyes aging you? And the need for proper primer and concealer use? Well, the same applies to eye shadow. See, while the bold glittery and high-shine shadows may have played well in our 20’s, we now have more creases and wrinkles that they can settle into, and it can be a mess. YAY! But rather than give up your eye shadow game, just change the rules a bit. Stick with matte eye shadows (over your primer, natch), and save the glimmer and shine for strategic placement. Use a matte shadow along your waterline, in your crease, and along your brow bone, but follow up with a few dabs of the same shade with more shine. You can dab a bit in your brow bone and right in the center of your eyelid for maximum effect.

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