20 Important Makeup Tips For Women Over 30

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Eyebrows need a little extra love after 30.

If you’re one of those people who was blessed with good brows or didn’t completely destroy them during that whole “Gwen Stefani thin brow” phase, then we hate you a little. But even if you have good brows, chances are you’re going to have to start doing more then plucking stray hairs every once in a while. Just like our lashes, our brows will begin to thin with age. And few things age you more than patchy, sparse eyebrows. So invest in a few brow products, like a good brow brush, powder or pomade, and a clear brow gel. The color you choose should be at least a shade lighter than your hair color. And try to avoid using those crayon-type pencils, unless you like the look of drawn-on Sharpie brows. Fiber gels are also great at adding fullness to sparse brows.

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