I’m The Nanny And It’s Ok To Friend Me On Facebook

Parents, I’ve noticed, are a bit squeamish with their nanny and babysitters when it comes to Facebook.

While some go out of their way to friend every single person they have ever seen at playgroup or each parent in their birthing class, nannies represent awkward social media territory.

To date, I’m only friends with a few mothers I have worked for and although there is always the possibility that they don’t want to grant me access to their social universe, I doubt it. Modesty isn’t a sentiment you often find in the mother/nanny relationship as I’ve seen you frantically change your blouse in the kitchen after realizing there is a bit of baby spit up on the collar. I witness moody fights between you and your husband as you blame one another for there being no milk in the house, all the while rocking the infant that you confided in me was “an accident.”

I think we’re beyond maintaining a wall of pleasantries.

The mother’s hesitancy to send that friend request, I think, stems from a fear of what you might learn about me through various postings. As far as you know, I’m the sweet, even-tempered young lady who doesn’t object to you getting home late. It’s understandable that you wouldn’t want that perception tarnished by compromising photos, wall posts with sexual innuendo, and friends with questionable profile pictures.

But aside from being mild-mannered, I’m also well aware that because of my profession pictures like that cannot exist. Some nannies may find there to be nothing wrong with posting statuses about their sex life or drunken exploits, but the nanny you’ve hired knows better.

There are no complaints about your family, or you, or weird creepy pictures of your home or kids. I have never taken out my smartphone and dashed off an angry status about how your baby refuses to nap.

I realize that there’s no way for you to sense this about me prior to making that virtual leap but I assure you that nothing sinister awaits you on my profile. The nanny of your little girl’s BFF who I occasionally chat with on playground however, I can’t be so sure of.

(photo: mobilebond.com)

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