‘I’m Married And Pregnant,’ Missing Girl, 15, Tells Parents On Facebook

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Here’s your parenting horror story of the day: 15-year-old Alisa Wheeler vanished from her family home in Taft, California, last June with an adult boyfriend named Roi. Authorities feared she might be taken to Mexico by Roi and sold into prostitution. The good news is that she wasn’t. The bad news is that she ended up marrying a different guy – a 23-year-old named Chino – and she is now pregnant with his child. Oh, and the two of them are now living in Baja, California, though they won’t specify where.

Here’s the crazy part: Alisa contacted her mother via Facebook and broke the news to her there. (If that’s not a sign of the times, I don’t know what is!)

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It’s in moments like these I’m thankful I can still fix my children’s problems with my own two hands (they’re 6 and 2). I have no idea what Wheeler’s family is like, what would make this girl do something so foolish but, either way, it’s one of those stories where you just shake your head and count your lucky stars it’s not your kid who essentially ran away and then found herself married and pregs miles away from home.

The girl’s mother, Sheri Simonek, received a Facebook message from her daughter last Friday, in which she broke the news and apologized for disappointing her, reports KERO-TV. Wheeler contacted her mom two more times over the weekend.

“I believe she wants to come home, but she is scared for the man she is with now thinking that he is going to go to jail,” Simonek told the TV station, adding that she would pay for both of them to move back to Taft and that she’d help sort out her new son-in-law’s paperwork.

Obviously things could have turned out much worse, and I’m sure that Simonek is grateful that her daughter is alive and back in touch. We wish them all the best with the next chapter.