I’m Losing My Mind While Sleep Training My AP Toddler

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7/18 Night Two

I was tired from rock climbing at the gym, and when I got back home, Evie was ready for bed right away. Blame it on the distraction from my post-workout high, but without even thinking about it, I nursed her down in our bed. She slept well, but started tossing and turning around four a.m., and my sleep was completely broken from then until when I woke up at 6:30. Oops.

7/19 Night Three

(I logged nothing for this night. I have no recollection of it whatsoever. I’ll leave that up to you to decide whether that’s good or bad, but my track record thus far would suggest it’s bad.)

7/20 Night Four

I nursed her to sleep on her mattress and she slept for a solid couple of hours. Then she woke up and I tried to put her back to sleep there, but she kept flinging herself over me to switch from boob to boob. I caved and went to bed myself, bringing her along into the adult bed. Sleep.

7/21 Night Five

Today, my husband admits he’s getting really uncomfortable in our bed, and maybe he’d just rather sleep on the couch forever. I feel awful, and want to get this transition thing underway for realz. I nurse baby to sleep on her mattress, but she wakes up when I move (crinkle, crunch, crinkle. That damn thing is DEFINITELY not built to support my 120 pound body).

We keep her up until 10:30ish, then I put her back to sleep on her mattress. Miraculously, she sleeps—for a solid five or six hours—in her bed. My husband and I actually got to have sex in our bed, at night, and we fall asleep cuddling. This never happens.


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