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Have Baby, Will Exercise: If You Want To Be Healthy, Don’t Diet

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Trying to maintain a healthy diet doesn’t mean never having unhealthy food. Yarrow says it’s important to indulge, that part of the fun in life is having treats. But when you make the choice to reach for richer foods, try to do it mindfully. Take the time to savor the food and aim for real sugar over artificial sweeteners, as studies suggest they could cause you to crave more sweets and overeat. If you’re going to have a cookie, have a cookie, not a “diet” substitute like Snackwells or those 100 calorie packs. Your body’s craving for sugar will be satisfied with less of the real sugar and fat that the low calorie impersonators. Adopting these habits can help your child model your behaviors and lead to them to learning the balance between eating well and indulging.

Being healthy is a lifelong challenge, not an achievement to be unlocked. Eating well can help you get there. The trick is not to diet, but to focus on eating what makes you feel good on a day to day basis, even if what makes you feel good is the occasional cupcake.

Have Baby,Will Exercise is a column dedicated to fitness and health for moms, by a mom. As a former personal trainer, group fitness instructor and cupcake addict, I hope to encourage and motivate moms who want to make fitness a part of their lives.

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