If Moms Are In The News, It’s Rarely A Good Thing

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So part of our jobs here at Mommyish is keeping track of the all the news that’s relevant to mothers. Obviously, there are a variety of ways one can stay on top of these things, but occasionally I just throw my hands up and do a Google News search for “mom.” Then I immediately remember why I don’t do this very often — an unholy percentage of the news involving mothers is utterly horrifying. Let’s just troll through some of the top headlines on Google right at this moment, shall we?:

Mom accused of pushing baby from garage held in psychiatric ward

Desperate Search Continues For Missing NJ Mom

Mom asks judge to protect boys from killer

Mom says officer son will donate organs

S. Ind. mom sentenced over boy’s teeth pulling

Fundraiser to help foundation named for slain mom

Girl, 11, Shares Tragic Story After Dad Shoots Mom, Himself

Greenville man gets life sentence for killing mom

That’s just a select few culled from the first three pages of Google News results. There are other depressing, though thankfully less horrifying, trends here as well — the amount of ink spilled (pixels illuminated?) regarding “Teen Mom” is just astonishing. (“Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham: ‘My Implants Are Doing Wonderful’” — UGH UGH UGH.) I’m curious as to any thoughts anyone might have about why Moms are invariably in the news for so many bad reasons. I know that moms tend to be the locus of family, so anything bad that happens will invariably affect them. There are some positive stories in the news, but do we not celebrate or report on all the good things moms do enough? What do you think?