Ian Somerhalder Thinks It’s Cute That He Threw Away Nikki Reed’s BC Pills to Get Her Pregnant

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The saddest part of the podcast came when Ian was telling his story about filming himself tossing the pills, and Nikki responds, “I’ve never seen this. Was I drunk? Was I coherent?”

Image: Giphy

Just in case anyone was wondering, reproductive coercion is a real thing, and this is a textbook example. The fact that he thinks it’s fucking funny is just beyond the pale. Luckily, since the story broke, he’s been getting dragged all to hell for this fuckery.

Reproductive autonomy is something women have to fight for every single day in this country, and especially under this administration. If Nikki was on birth control, and freaked out when it “went missing”, maybe, JUST MAYBE, she wasn’t as ready as he decided she was! The couple welcomed daughter Bodhi in July, and we sincerely hope Nikki was prepared for motherhood. Because it sure as shit sounds like she wasn’t at all prepared to get pregnant.

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