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10 Ways I Refuse To “Let Myself Go” After Having Kids

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Some of you may remember a few months ago when I posted about how you don’t have to be the frumpy mom. I took a lot of heat for it and obviously, I was not exactly successful in conveying my point-of-view on this topic. Allow me to clarify a few things. I do not think you have to be a supermodel to have a happy marriage and feel good about yourself. I do not think you should go to great lengths with personal upkeep solely to please your husband. I also do not think there is ANYTHING wrong with donning yoga pants and throwing your hair in a ponytail if that is what makes you happy. Everyone has their own version of happy and maintaining my physical appearance happens to be a large part of mine.

All of that said, I know that taking care of myself helps me in so many ways as a mother, wife and human being. I also don’t view “letting yourself go” as solely having to do with your appearance. There was a lot to you before you had kids and that doesn’t change because you became a mom- you likely had hobbies, interests and time to yourself and you still should. I am firmly in the camp of “happy mom, happy family” and I truly believe that when I feel good about myself, it helps me take care of everyone else too. There are so many things we make time for as mothers- why not make time for ourselves? Here are 10 ways I refuse to “let myself go” after having kids:

1. I Still Get My Hair Did

I know a lot of moms that go for a long time without a trip to the hair dresser because they want to save money. I have super long and very thick hair that takes a while to shampoo, cut, blow-dry and style and I still know of many salons where I can get all of that for under $50, including tip.

2. I Wear Natural And Flattering Make-Up

I know a lot of moms don’t wear make-up at all and hey, you do you. But if you wore make-up pre-kids, there is no reason why you should not be able to wear it now if you want to. My routine is so fast- I get my entire face done in under five minutes. I do not look like a pageant contestant- just a more polished version of myself. Bonus- I buy face make-up that includes SPF, which everyone should have on anyway.

3. I Wear Bras That Fit

This is a big deal for new mothers. If you nursed in particular, you need to be fitted properly for new bras once your breasts settle into their non-milk-filled size. I know once I got bras that fit, it looked like I lost 10 pounds instantly and I walked a little taller. It makes a world of difference.

4. My Husband And I Schedule Workouts

I don’t even always make it to the gym- sometimes, I’m doing a 20-minute work-out DVD in my living room while my husband starts dinner and keeps the kids at bay. The way my mind feels after a work-out helps my entire family, no question. It helps relax me and focus my thoughts. And obviously, there is no denying the health benefits of maintaining some kind of work-out routine.

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