I Resent My Child For Being Afraid Of Fireworks

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Tonight, in big cities and small towns around the country, parents and children will be cuddling up close and watching exploding colors in the sky. The huge willow-tree-like classics are my personal favorite. Kids will “Oooh” and “Awww” as they point out their favorite colors and marvel at the height and scope of those explosions.

Me, I’ll be inside, cuddling up my little girl, away from all the pretty lights and impressive displays.

I know. I’m a horrible person. Like, a really amazingly awful person right? Who complains about having to cuddle with their child? What kind of mother am I?

But I have to admit, after three years of sitting out on the fireworks because my daughter doesn’t like them, I’m getting just a tad bit resentful. Not really resentful. I’m not going to leave her in bed by herself in her moment of need or anything. But guys, I really want to see the fireworks!

My parents have the best 4th of July set-up imaginable. Their’s a huge fireworks show that can be seen from their backyard. We get to lay in the pool and watch the fireworks crack overhead. It’s just about the most magical thing in the world. It’s relaxing and comfortable, yet exciting all at the same time.

Even more odd about the entire situation, my daughter normally isn’t afraid of anything. We’re talking a girl who wants to fight bad guys, play with snakes and poke at spiders. Aliens? She think they’re funny. Battle scenes? She’ll cheer for the good guys and curse the villains. She’s the child who randomly decides at 3-years-old to drive headfirst off the diving board. She wants to work on a flip now. I do not have a nervous or anxious child!

But fireworks… Why is it that fireworks are the Kryptonite to my little Supergirl? Something that’s so enjoyable and pretty and full of fun.

I know we all have times as parents where we put aside what we want to do what’s best for our kids. That’s part of being a parent. I don’t get upset about missing a social engagement to stay home with my little one. I’m fine with spending my disposable income on her dance lessons or summer camps instead of a vacation for me. I have no problem splitting my investments between my own retirement and her college fund. I promise I’m okay with sacrificing for my child!

But do I have to enjoy missing the fireworks every year? I mean, I think I should get to admit that it kind of sucks. And it does suck.

So enjoy your fireworks tonight. And take just a minute to think of me, cuddled up inside, listening to all that noise with none of the fun view.

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