10 Reasons You Don’t Get To Dump Your Kids Off For A Playdate

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5: Because My Kid Is Just Getting Over A Cold 

If my kid has just been sick I don’t want them having kids over, especially if they have missed school. I also don’t want your kids coming over if they are just getting over a cold, because I have enough germs in my house as it is.

 6: Because Your Kid Wants To Play With Me, And Not My Kid 

I like that your kid likes me, but if it has gotten to the point where they are following me around the house and ignoring my kid then it gets pretty annoying. The next time they do this I am making them help me fold laundry.

 7: Because Your Kid Refuses To Respect My Rules 

I hate having to remind kids over and over again not to jump on my sofa or hit my dog. If your kid is an asshole and refuses to act decent in my house, no, they cannot come over.

8: Because I Don’t Feel Like Being A Good Mom 

I don;’ feel like organizing a craft or making snacks or preparing a dinner that isn’t frozen waffles. Having kids over means I have to get motivated to think of activities and and put on real pants and at the very least, make sure no one that I didn’t give north to gets hurt. Somedays I just don’t feel up to it.

9: Because The Weather Sucks 

I hate having kids over when the weather is miserable and I can’t throw them outside if they start to get bored or start getting into trouble inside. Kids need to run around and get their ya-yas out. if it’s freezing or pouring rain they are cooped up inside and driving me crazy and playdates work much better when the weather is decent out.

10: Because You Never Reciprocate 

Nothing is worse than parents who always expect you to host and never invite your kids over. I didn’t sign up to be the neighborhood daycare, so if you want me to take your kids on occasion it should also be your turn once in a while.

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