10 Reasons You Don’t Get To Dump Your Kids Off For A Playdate

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shutterstock_159197900I don’t mind my kids having friends over, but I hate playdates in general. There is one family of kids who can come over any time they want because they are fun, nice, cool little humans who play great with my kids and who don’t act like monsters when they are over. But the rest of those kids who want to come over to my house? I dread it. Why? Because I said so, that’s why. But seriously, I hate playdates, and I can give you 10 reasons why your kids can’t come over.

1: My Kid’s Room Is A Pit From Hell 

Your kid can’t come over because my kid’s room is a disaster. It’s the law. if they can’t clean up their space, they don’t get to have company.

2: My Kid Has Homework 

Sorry, they have a pile of math to do and I don’t believe in rewarding them with happy fun times until they are done with their work.

3: Because I Don’t Feel Like It 

Somedays having kids of my own is bad enough. Somedays I don’t feel like dealing with dumb kids who I didn’t even give birth to.

4: Because Your Kids Don’t Play Nice  

For whatever reason, our kids end up fighting over toys or hitting each other and before you know it someone is crying or possibly bleeding. Our kids don’t play nice together, and at this point I think we should just give up the dream of them ever getting along.

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