10 Reasons Boppys Are A Waste Of Money

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I hate boppys When I got pregnant for the first time, so many well-meaning friends and relatives demanded that I get a Boppy Pillow. I even received one as a baby shower gift. The Boppy , first developed in 1989,  has been voted number one in many parenting magazines as the MUST HAVE item every parents needs, for infant support and breastfeeding. Moms love their boppy pillows. Many moms I know claim they could have never breastfeed without one. But I hated mine, and here are 10 reasons why.

1: It didn’t help me position my baby for breastfeeding, at all. 

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 6.51.50 AM


Like this commentator on another website, the boppy made me feel like a totally inadequate mom when it came to nursing. I did much better just using a plain old pillow and the football hold. Had I continued using the Boppy, I never would have breastfed. The boppy made me cry!

2: They are expensive 

I hate boppys


A Boppy will cost you about forty bucks at most retailers.

3: Their covers are expensive 

(Image: etsy)

(Image: etsy)

If your Boppy starts to look skanky or dirty you can buy a new cover for it, which run around $25.

 4: If you don’t use it for nursing, it ends up being used for something else 

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In my boppy hater research, I came across this, yeah, boppy pillows end up being used as normal pillows, usually by your partner, and was this user given the ban hammer for speaking ill of the BOPPY?

5: They end of being a gloried cat bed 

I hate boppys


6: They cause Mom guilt if you decide you hate it 

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A lot of moms beg and beg for a Boppy and as soon as they get it, end up throwing it across the room in a fit of rage.

7: Dog beds are cheaper  

(Image: wordpress)

(Image: wordpress)

I have seen so many images of dogs taking over boppys because their owners decided they cannot use them, and pet beds are much cheaper.

8: Some dumb people were sticking them in their baby’s crib 

But a report by the Westchester County district attorney shows there were three fatalities linked to the pillows in 2006. In each case, the baby suffered Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, commonly called SIDS.

“Two of those deaths involved children who were sleeping propped up on the pillow,” Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore said. “And the third death involved a child who was put to sleep in a crib, and nearby the child was a nursing pillow.”


The following, from 7Online, just means that parents need to also be paranoid about Boppys and SIDS.

9: The ways to reuse them are sad 

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Ugh, if I have to re-use a baby item, it’s going to be cloth diapers as cleaning rags, and not a Boppy as some makeshift laptop desk.

10: Some babies hate them for tummy time 

(Image: wordpress)

(Image: wordpress)

For every mom who raves about the Boppy for developmental tummy time, we have moms who have babies who absolutely hate the boppy:

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I know a lot of parents absolutely love the Boppy and consider it a lifesaver. Maybe I just wasn’t using it correctly and gave up on it too quickly, but for me it was a giant waste of money.


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