I Feel The Earth Move Under The Pitter Patter Of Little Feet

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My daughter’s birthday happened to be the same day as the earthquake earlier this week — the biggest one to hit the East Coast in a century. Not surprisingly, we’re going to remember what happened on this birthday. Like the Washington monument, her dollhouse suffered minor structural damage (ok, I had to put the roof back on straight) but other than that we emerged unscathed.

As we were about to take photos of her blowing out her birthday cake, I realized the painting on the wall behind her was hanging crooked. My husband went to fix it, but I told him to leave it. I thought that when we looked at photos of her birthday years from now it would be a funny reminder of what happened that day.

Anyway, I thought the earthquake would be memorable for our family, but it looks like this family in Baltimore is going to one up us:

She had endured 33 hours of labor when her baby’s head finally appeared Tuesday afternoon.

Then the floors at Greater Baltimore Medical Center started to shake, the blinds began to sway and the medical instruments commenced clanking on the table.

She heard someone outside the delivery room shout: “Oh, my God! I think it’s an earthquake!”

Jennifer, 38, freaked.

Anxious thoughts crossed her mind. Like having to evacuate the building and deliver the baby outside.

Yeah, can you imagine? Delivering a baby is frightening enough, thank you very much. Then you’re right on the verge of delivery and there’s freaking earthquake? Wow. The good news is that the mom and her eight pound, 11 ounce baby are now doing just fine. (I know there are probably a dozen moms from California reading this going, “Eh, been there, done that.”)

In any event, that family’s going to have one heck of a story. The couple say they’re considering naming the child’s teddy bear “Quake.”