I Can’t Wait For ‘Brave’, But My Daughter Couldn’t Care Less

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Who is excited about Pixar’s newest movie Brave? Let’s all raise our hands. This will be the first time that Pixar has created a movie with a sole female protagonist. It centers on a little girl who happens to be a princess, but doesn’t really act like one. The main character, Merida, a girl who is more interested in archery than in finding a handsome prince.

Honestly, the feminist in me is so excited for this movie. It’s the kind of thing that I’ve been waiting for since I had a daughter, when I rewatched all my Disney princess stand-bys and realized just how sad the storylines were. Woman wants to change everything about herself for a prince, woman falls asleep and is rescued by a prince, woman needs a pretty dress to win prince. How had I not seen all that growing up?

As I’ve been eagerly watching the previews and teasers for Brave appear, I guess I took it for granted that my headstrong daughter would be excited about the movie as well. This is a little girl who throws Batman-themed birthday parties and is already proving to have quite an independent streak. Of course she’s going to love a princess who competes in a tournament for her own hand in marriage. This is the role model we’ve been looking for!

Except then I went and showed my daughter the trailers for Brave. “Ehh…. Let’s go swimming, Momma.”

That was it. That was her response. I’m not going to pretend that I wasn’t a little let down. “Did you see she shoots a bow and arrow darlin?” I prompted. My little girl loves Artemis from Young Justice. She’s an archer. “Yea… Let’s watch She-Ra.”

Honestly, there was no interest. I was shocked.

I realize that I shouldn’t push my daughter to like certain things, especially not movies or television. I should probably take pride in the fact that what I’m sure is an enormously expensive marketing campaign hasn’t swayed my little girl’s opinion. These would all be adult, mature reactions to have to the situation.

But guys, I really want to see this movie! I really want my daughter to love this awesome character who seems to be strong and fearless. It’s not like she never watches movies. We’ve spent many an enjoyable hour with The Jungle Book, Toy Story and every episode of Wild Kratts that my DVR can find. So why isn’t this new movie, one that so perfectly encapsulates the type of spirit I see in my little girl, so snooze-worthy for her?

I can’t answer that question. I don’t understand it. But I know that I feel a little ridiculous being so excited for a movie that the actual child of our family couldn’t care less about.

I guess, Brave is a big deal for all the women who realize that they grew up with kind of crummy princesses to look up to. We’re the ones who as adults, keep demanding more progressive characters for young girls. Our kids really don’t understand yet just why complacent princesses rescued by their one true love might set a bad example. To my daughter, whose always been told that girls could rescue themselves, this movie isn’t all that groundbreaking.

Either that, or Disney’s marketing team has really lost its touch.

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