‘I Ate All Your Halloween Candy’: Kids Break Down During Parents’ Prank

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Hilarious or cruel? That’s the debate going on right now over this Jimmy Kimmel video (below) that has parents telling their children, “Sorry, honey, but I ate all your Halloween candy.” Almost all the kids flip out and break down in tears.

I have to admit, this is some funny shit. Yes, it’s mean to play a prank on your very own children and even meaner to record it for all the world to see. But, hey, I’m not the one dealing with the tantrums so don’t blame me for laughing out loud. The best is when one little girl bursts into tears and shouts, “Dad, you’re ugly!” (Classic.)

Actually, the truly best part is watching the two brothers at the very end of the clip. They don’t cry but rather scold their parents: “Oh, good for you, now you’re probably going to get a belly ache,” says the older of the two. “You sneaky mom!” adds the little one.

Kimmel says he figured the kids would be mad but he had no idea they’d break down in tears. Good thing none of the parents have this boy as their child…

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