10 Worst Things You Can Say To A Woman With Hyperemesis Gravidarum

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7. “You just have to power through it.”

HAHAHA. That’s a funny one. Women with HG know that trying to power through extreme nausea and fatigue lands you on the floor (passed out) or in the hospital. When even walking across a room causes you extreme dizziness and vomiting, “powering through” is not really an option, though believe me, we’d love it if it was.

6. “You should be more grateful for your baby.”

HG can leave many women feeling extremely guilty that they are not more excited about their pregnancy. They are so overcome with sickness there is simply no room for joy until they get relief. This doesn’t mean they won’t make amazing mothers or won’t be grateful for their babies when they are in good health, in fact, they’ll likely be more grateful given what they had to sacrifice to get that baby.

5. “It’s mind over matter.”

Nope. It isn’t. At. All.

4. “You just have to force yourself to eat.”

Telling a woman who is constantly on the verge of vomiting to force herself to eat is bad advice. The woman knows that forcing herself will likely just bring on another vomiting spell that may take hours to stop. That is why she’s not eating (though she’s actually starving).

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