10 Worst Things You Can Say To A Woman With Hyperemesis Gravidarum

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10. “Well, at least you’re getting thinner.”

Oh boy. Women with HG of any weight do not care about getting thinner. In fact, it’s the one time when most women desire to be fat and happy, not so ill they are rapidly losing pounds left and right. These ladies would give anything to keep down even one meal so congratulating them on weight loss is insensitive to their dire situation.

9. “You aren’t working? I worked through all three of my pregnancies!”

Lucky you! Clearly, the person making this statement did not suffer from HG. Though some women who have success with medication are able to work after the first trimester, asking most women with severe HG to continue working is kind of a joke and next to impossible. Ask the person posing the question if they go to work with food poisoning or the flu, then multiply the discomfort times 100 and you’ll be somewhere close to the misery of HG.

8. “Just eat some crackers in the morning.”

During my first pregnancy, I was on the cracker diet. Crackers were the only thing that sometimes, maybe, sort of stayed down. I kept them on the night table and would nibble them throughout the night and first thing in the morning. But it did little to calm my stomach and often times even a few nibbles would send me retching over the toilet for an hour. Anything that came in immediately went out and no amount of ginger, salt or sniffing lavender oil did the trick. The level of this illness is far past the point of crackers and ginger ale.

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