Reddit User Threatens Wife With Divorce After That Monster Eats All The Cream From Oreos

The people who post on reddit are such jokesters, including user Showtunesabout bacon who posted this image on reddit after her husband discovered what she had done to all the cookies.


Man, I would have done this the exact opposite because I hate the cream in Oreos and always just want the cookie part. I hate to be all cookie-judgey here but who does this? It’s gross. At least throw the cookies out after you have removed all the cream filling, sheesh. In marriages all spouses do things which annoy the other partner, like my husband who on occasion starts singing along with his music while he has headphones on and I am trying to do something really important, like re-watch Orange Is The New Black.

But that ain’t grounds for divorce. Can’t we get this lady some Oreo cream? Why don’t they sell that in jars like Nutella? I would not be a consumer of this but I’m sure many people would. Even if my kids did something like this I would totally scold them, but I still wouldn’t eat the leftover kid cookies because kid spit? Gross. All i know is, this whole thing will probably someway work itself into an Oreo commercial in the near future, but I don’t know if divorce would be an excellent selling point for cookies. Klondike bars, maybe.

(Photo: reddit)

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