This Couple’s Parents Wouldn’t Stop Asking About Babies, So They Took Their Dog For The World’s Cutest Newborn Photos

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(Photo: Elisha  Minnette Photography)

Like many young couples, Amy and Matt have relatives with baby fever, who want to know when they’ll be bringing home a new infant. So they decided to do the cutest newborn photoshoot anyone has ever seen …


…with their new puppy, Humphrey.

Photographer Elisha Minnette said they all came up with the idea of doing a “newborn baby photoshoot” with Humphrey when they were in the car bringing him back from the breeder–Humphrey is a golden retriever/poodle mix called a “Groodle” in Australia. (I think in the U.S. we call them Goldendoodles.) They thought it would be funny to duplicate the typical newborn photos we’ve all seen all over our Facebook feeds, even the ones that are cheesy and pretty weird, like “baby hanging from ceiling in net.”


(Photo: Elisha  Minnette Photography)

 “I photograph all different types of shoots including newborns, so I knew what the normal baby shoots look like,” Minnette said of her spot-on reproduction. “We didn’t ever intend to make fun of new parents sharing photos of their newborns, we just wanted to show a different kind of newborn.”

I love human babies, but I think I’d rather see Humphrey’s photos any day. His little furry puppy face is just so cute!! And that “baby in a net” photo is way cuter with Humphrey than with a newborn. The newborn humans dangling in mesh bags always make me so nervous, but Humphrey just looks like a cuddly little teddy bear.

They even took the famous “feet in bed” shot!


(Photo: Elisha  Minnette Photography)

Minnette says the shoot only took about an hour to complete, and Humphrey was totally game for all the attention.

You can see the whole photo series on Minnette’s Facebook page. It’s worth the click.