Leave It To Michele Bachmann To Jack Up Your First Year Of Motherhood, Terrorist Style!

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Huma AbedinMommies may take an unsolicited jab at one another’s parenting style from time to time, but there is perhaps no other mommy slam equivalent to the one Michele Bachmann gave Huma Abedin. Now, Anthony Weiner‘s wife is dealing with threats to her safety, and thereby to her new baby.

Newser reports that a New Jersey man, also Muslim himself, has threatened the wife and mother following Michele Bachmann‘s loony assertion that the long-time Hilary Clinton aide has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Huma has been placed under police and federal protection following the threat as a very appropriate safety precaution. The man has been extensively questioned but not charged. Although no information has been released stating that the threats were directly prompted by loose cannon Bachmann, her very unsolicited comments on Huma’s loyalty and character certainly haven’t made her any safer.

Last week, John McCain and John Boehner spoke in favor of the mother’s dedication, McCain describing the attacks as a whopping triple fallacy, possessing  “no logic, no basic and no merit.” The Arizona senator also took it upon himself to tell the floor that “they need to stop now” in the days preceding the threat. Boehner called them “dangerous” — an understatement in the very least.

Given the endless crop of fatal crazies who have the tendency to pop up around the world, statements like Bachmann’s might as well accompany a physical target on Human’s head. Such incendiary and baseless comments should be railed against when tossed at anyone in the public eye, but to hurl them at a new mother is particularly low for Bachmann. Not only did she inadvertently endanger the life of one woman with her batty assertions, but also a not even 1-year-old baby.

Huma, who welcomed her son Jordan Zain Weiner in December of last year, was already most likely looking a trying year à la Anne-Marie Slaughter what with returning to work as a new mother. But nothing like an unwarranted attack on your safety to put buzzy terms like “having it all” and “work-life balance” into perspective. Suddenly, doing PR work on her marriage, I bet, seems a lot less important.

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