Awesome Twin Girls Celebrate Birthday With A Hulk Princess Cake That Smashes Gender Norms

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Hulk smash puny gender stereotypes! Princess Hulk is best cake there is!

According to a post on Reddit, two very cool four-year-old girls said they wanted a Hulk Princess cake for their birthday, so their mom made one. It is fantastic, and it looks pretty darn tasty too.

According to ABC News, the cake was made by Lainie Elton of Toronto, Canada, who baked it at the request of her 4-year-old twin daughters. She was so proud of her tasty-looking purple princess dress for the Incredible Hulk that she posted a photo to Reddit. She figured she might get a few upvotes, but she did not account for how much the Internet loves food, superheroes, and subverting gender norms.

The cake has picked up more than 1.3 million views since it was posted,

“What I think is really awesome is just the conversation that it has sparked, with gender stereotyping with kids,” Elton explained. “I think it’s great that I can contribute to that conversation. I am fully supportive of kids wearing and playing with whatever they’re interested in. If my daughter wants to wear blue shoes and play with action figures, I’m all for it.”

The Hulk Princess cake requested by Elton’s daughters is a wonderful idea, and so far it seems to be unique. When Elton went looking for a Hulk Princess cake on the Internet, she was surprised to see that nobody appeared to have made one before. So she did what any mother with a cake dilemma would do: She went to Pinterest.

“I’m pretty crafty,” she said. “I found something on Pinterest and it was a She-Hulk cake with a Barbie doll painted green, but that’s not what I wanted at all. I wanted the real Hulk.”

So Elton cobbled one together herself using plans for a Barbie princess cake, but with the Hulk in Barbie’s place. Hulk’s skirt is made up of three tiers of different shades of purple cake, and he even has a little pink tiara.

Princess Hulk looks smashing, and the kids were delighted with it. The Hulk Princess might be the best cake on Pinterest, and I think he’s started a new trend, because I know at least three adults who are now clamoring for Avenger Princess cakes for their next birthdays. Mine isn’t for several months, but I’d like to put in a request for a Thor Princess in July.