Hulk Hogan Attends His Daughter’s Nude Photography Debut

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We at Mommyish are pretty comfortable with nudity. Yes, boys and girls have some different parts, but we can act like adults about it, even when we’re with our kids. But there’s still something uncomfortable about a grown adult inviting their parent to look at nude pictures of them. Ahem, ahem, Brooke Hogan.

Obviously, Brooke must be pretty comfortable with her body if she lets the world see her nakey in a new PETA ad. I have no problem with the female figure. In general, good for her. And she’s supporting a sometimes crazy good cause, even better! Bare it all for the animals, Brooke!

A celebrity removing their clothes for charity is surprisingly commonplace. But Brooke really turned heads when her dad showed up to the debut of the pictures. That’s right, the Hulk attended his daughter’s naked pic event. Honestly, I’m not sure why I find this so odd, I just do. I’m not going to be rude and insinuate some type of Electra complex, icky relationship over in Hoganville. Supporting an event that happens to feature your daughter nude for a cause she obviously finds important isn’t the grossest thing ever. It’s just… uncomfortable.

I can still remember when “Black Swan” was released and Mila Kunis had her parents leave the theatre before her sex scene with Natalie Portman. I thought it was a classy way to handle what was obviously an awkward situation for everyone. No adult wants their parents to see them getting hot and heavy. And one would think, the parents wouldn’t have enjoyed the experience either. Even if they know that the sex scene happened in some bygone time they don’t specifically know about, they can just avoid confronting the issue.

I would imagine that most parents would feel the same way about seeing their child posing naked in a cage, no matter how old their kid has gotten. We can know that in some hazy space far away from us, there’s a nude picture for the world to see. But that doesn’t mean that they actually have to see it! Ignorance is bliss!

And what about everyone else at the debut? Didn’t they feel a little weird commenting on a nudey picture of Brooke while her father stood a couple feet away? I mean… what do you say?

Hogans, I’m not suggesting anything unnatural or rude. I’m just saying that as a mother, if my daughter ever lets her naked form represent fair animal treatment, skin cancer research, super-premium pure water… whatever reason she has for dropping her drawers, I just don’t want to go on the publicity tour for said project. I’m just going to stay home that night and pretend that the world isn’t looking at my daughter naked.

(Photo: Fashion Grail)