Watch Dads Sob As They Feel Their Unborn Babies Kick Their Tummies

huggies pregnancy beltIs it just me, or are pregnant males suddenly in?

It seems Huggies has been working very hard trying to turn their whole daddy branding around. Ever since the company depicted fathers as bumbling idiots in a consequently pulled diaper ad, the diaper brand has been opting for potty training cheerleading and ambiguously non-gendered users of their diaper changing app. But a new advertisement depicting fathers as so emotionally invested in pregnancy that they’re weeping is perhaps their biggest attempt to counter dumb dad stereotypes.

The allegedly four-month study, sold as an advertisement, says that the Huggies team perfected a “pregnancy belt” for couples with a baby on the way. Gleaning from the visuals, pregnant lady straps on one as does her partner. The kicks of the actual baby, which are obviously felt by said pregnant lady, are mimicked for daddy on his belt — and in the exact same place, it looks like.

Cue the tears! Daddies get weepy as they tell the camera how they can feel their unborn son or daughter moving about their own imaginary uterus. What do you know, Huggies. Fathers love their children too!

Cheers to a humanizing and flattering depiction of involved co-parenting fathers. Who knows when we’ll get another.

[youtube_iframe id=”nl0fck9yhG0″]

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