All This Viral Video Does Is Remind Me How Committed My Toddler Is To His Tantrums

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There’s a video that’s gone viral this weekend of a father distracting his toddler away from a variety of near meltdowns. She is adorable. He is the luckiest parent ever for having a toddler who is so easily distracted.



The Huffington Post ran the video attached to an article titled, The Secret To Taming Toddler Tantrums Is Simpler Than You Think, to which I immediately, almost instinctively, replied – Screw you.

My toddler is very committed to his tantrums. He’s having one as I write this. I have already tried bringing over an animal flashcard, a mango, his sister, a matchbox car, a Cosmopolitan magazine, The New York Times, a roll of tape and flip-flop. Now, he’s just moaning, “Mango. Oh mango. Okay. Mango. Mom. Mom. Mom.” The crying has not stopped. The Cosmopolitan is not interesting nor is the mango delicious nor is his matchbox car fun anymore. Eventually, he will tire himself out from screaming and fall asleep. He’s exhausted – the root of the meltdown to begin with.

I’ve tried all of the tips and tricks and to each I say, I’m either the worst mother, ever, or these just don’t work. Seriously, the only thing that works lately is giving in, but I will not negotiate with the terrorist. So instead, I stubbornly attempt the tricks I know don’t work for us while trying to simultaneously meditate myself into my happy place.

Ahh, silence. I knew he would tire eventually. I rock at this “mom” thing. Not.