Someone Make These Cronuts Using This Tutorial Because I’m Too Lazy

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how to make cronutsKoa Beck refuses to go wait in line for two hours to buy me a damn cronut so it’s up to you, our loyal readers, to make these delicious pastries for meeeee and then tell me if it’s worth getting off my sofa to actually go into the kitchen and make them myself, OK? I’ve totally contemplated just hitting the bakery and then Krispy Kreme and mashing it all together and covering it with a simple powdered sugar glaze just to see what the big whoop is but I’m sure the homemade version is much better. The lovely people behind Googly Gooeys have an adorable image and the recipe so you guys can do this at home.


(Image: Googly Gooey )

Last week, Emma Roberts got totally busted trying to jump the cronut line and I assume if celebs are desperate to try these there must be something to it. And considering there are black market cronuts being sold on Craigslist they have to be good, right? And probably best of all, one man is looking for a “dirty little slut” who is willing to swap a bluejay for a cronut. I wouldn’t go that far, but I would totally organize someone’s pantry for one. Or wash their towels or something.

What was the hot food craze before this? Macaroons? But I don’t recall anyone trying to swap sex for those little cookies. I know cereal milk is a big deal too but you can easily find tutorials for that online. So get thee to the kitchen and make these and let me know if it is worth busting out my food processor for. Or better yet, tell me what you have been baking lately so I can just steal your ideas and make these things myself. It’s going to be fall soon so I totally have to start baking because I’m a chubby little squirrel who needs to pack on pounds for the winter.

(Image: Tumblr)