Cheatsgiving: How To Handle Your Family’s Thanksgiving Fight Like A Pro

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Fighting on holidays is as American as apple pie. But each family has its own special recipe for mixing it up with anger on Thanksgiving Day. Below we’ve got nine of the most common holiday battles – and how to handle them like a champ. Go forth and win, dear readers. (Yes, booze is involved. Duh.)

1. The Racists Come Out Of The Word Work After Two Glasses Of Wine Fight

— Quietly remove said glasses of wine like a stealth ninja. Tuck them into the sleeves of your shirt, excuse yourself to go to the bathroom, and chug while you examine your mom’s medicine cabinet full of expired Nivea creams.


2. The Your Parents Are Disappointed By How You And Your Siblings Turned Out Fight 

— Hide in your childhood bedroom reading your old journals from high school and remember that it’s their fault you turned out this way.



3. The Fight That Is The Same Fight You And Your Sister Have Whenever You Get Together And Seriously Can’t We Just Not Fight About This For Once Fight

— Realize that she’s your sister and you love her no matter what…until this time next year, when you remember that she’s a goddamn pain in the ass who never listens.



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