Bratty Students Post ‘How To Get Your Teacher Fired’ Videos Because Kids Are The Worst

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How To Get Your Teacher Fired Videos There is a new expose from your pals at Fox News Houston this morning proving once and for all that kids are pretty much the worst. They did a search on You Tube about kids posting videos called ‘How To Get Your Teacher Fired’ which shows bratty monster kids of all ages explaining how they got their teachers fired, either because they were too strict or gave them assignments they didn’t like or just because we now live in Lord Of The Flies Land and teachers who dedicate their lives trying to help kids get a decent education now have to live in fear over kids making false accusations that can cost them their jobs, reputation, and livelihood.
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There are quite a few videos posted, and listening to the kids explain how they masterminded these plans is pretty disturbing, and the kid at the link claims that his teacher pulled his hair, made him dress up like a girl, and she made him dance with an extremely ugly girl. She also made the students do “stupid stuff on St.Patrick’s Day and it was torture.” He retaliated by drawing means pictures of his teacher, the principal got involved, and the teacher was subsequently fired. It’s all a mess of he said/she said from a kid who probably still sleeps with a stuffed animal at night so who knows what the real truth is, but I will agree with Fox that says that these types of videos are awful because they are just encouraging students who don’t get along with a teacher for whatever reason to make all sorts of allegations against them, true or not.

I get that there are some awful teachers in the world, who have been abusive or behaved inappropriately or who have no business interacting with young people, but the fact that students are posting these “tutorials” just shows that a lot of parents are raising entitled little snowflakes who think nothing of ruining a teacher’s life just because they don’t like them. The Fox link is also sort of unintentionally hilarious, because someone rage-wrote the article in cap lock and they speak to a legal analyst who is every head shaky about the whole thing.

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I had some bad teachers of my own growing up, including one who was eventually fired for behaving inappropriately towards female students, but overall I was afraid of my teachers and I wanted to impress them and do my best in school. If I ever caught one of my kids making a video like this, regardless if their teacher was awful, you better believe I would punish them. I know I am sounding like one of those “Kids today have no respect for their elders” sort of people but it’s true. I am one of those people now! I hope they follow up with an interview with the parents of the kids posting these videos.

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