Are You There, Moms? It’s Me, Idiot Let’s Brag–What Makes You A Good Parent?

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mom adviceAre You There, Moms? It’s Me, Idiot is an ongoing series dedicated to helping one very well-intentioned and dumb future-parent learn about the world of childrearing. Click here to see past columns.

From the looks of it, being a parent seems like one giant shit show designed to make you feel like a failure at all possible moments. Also, it’s wonderful and fulfilling and the best thing you’ll ever do. But you’re definitely screwing everything up and ruining your kid forever.

In the few moments that you’re not making a huge mess of your kids’ lives, you might occasionally get something right. In fact, you might even have moments where you feel really incredible and like you’re really nailing this whole parenting thing. Maybe it’s when you watch your kid stand up for his little brother, says David Bowie is her favorite musician at age seven, or when your kid says something unprecedentedly hilarious about poop. I don’t know. There’s lots of ways to succeed in life.

We’ve had a few doozies these last few weeks, from circumcision to being judge-y to relationships with our own parents. I thought it might be a welcome change to focus on the positive for a bit, because even if you feel like you’re just constantly putting out fires, you’re probably actually doing a pretty fantastic job.

So tell me when you feel like you’re at your best as a parent. What aspect of parenting do you feel confident about? Is there something you do for your kids that makes you feel like you’re doing at least some things right and that you’re a good parent after all?

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