How To Avoid Feeding Your Family Crap While Couponing

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extreme couponingI’ve never been into couponing, unless you count purchasing a random Groupon deal that sounded too good to pass up and then never using it (yoga, restaurants, manis – you get the picture). Still, whenever I spot a coupon in my Sunday paper or in the grocery aisle, I can’t help but notice that it’s mostly for junk food – pretty much anything loaded with preservatives or extra sodium. (Uh, no thanks.) Which got me thinking: Can you actually serve your family a nutritious meal and save money at the same time? To find out, I went directly to the source: Moms who are hardcore into couponing (but don’t worry, they’re far from the creepy types you see on shows like Extreme Couponing). Here’s what they had to say about health and the big C (couponing, that is).


(Photo: Kim Reinick/Shutterstock)