70% Of Mommyish Readers Plan To Spend Under $200 Per Kid This Holiday

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little girl santa hat christmas treeThis past week, we polled readers on just how much they are planning to spend on their sons and daughters this holiday season, and it turns out we aren’t as big a spenders as the ladies over at TODAY. Some of you mommies are certainly in the spirit of giving with some high-price gifts, but the majority aren’t planning to go overboard.

We may still be in the depths of an economic crisis and unemployment may be high, but that doesn’t mean some kids aren’t going to find some costly gifts under that tree. Nearly 30% of Mommyish readers are going big with budgets over $200 per child. But exactly 70.1% isn’t willing to break that mark, keeping gifts under the $200 bar.

Still, it’s worth noting that a higher percentage of readers (19.1%) plan to spend over $300 rather than under. Perhaps those lucky kids will be unwrapping some iPads come the big day.

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