This Is How Long Sex Should Last, According To A New Study

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Have you ever finished doing the deed, rolled over and thought, “Well, that was quick.” Well, surprise – no surprise – you’re not the only one. But what is the ideal amount of time to have sex? Are you doing it long enough? Or do you just a high expectation? Well, thanks to science, now we know how long sex should last!

A survey done at Saucy Dates asked nearly 4,000 people, both men, and women, how long sex should last. Turns out both sexes want the deed to last about the same amount of time. 25 minutes and 51 seconds for women and 25 minutes and 43 seconds for men, to be exact.

That sounds great, right? Too bad things are better said than done – especially between the sheets.

Now, the study specifies that they were asking about how long each person wants intercourse to last, not including foreplay – which is an entirely different topic. So, the study went on to see just how long men from different countries could go in order to see if anyone could even achieve their preferred sexy time. As it turns out, not many men can achieve greatness.

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This means that neither men nor women are able to get exactly what they want during sex, which is no good. But there is a bit of a silver lining. The study took a look at men from different countries to see who could keep it going the longest. If you are American – or at least sleeping with an American man – congrats, you win!

American men have the most staying power over the other nations in the test. They are followed closely by Canadians, who outperform everyone until the age of 28. If you are sleeping with a Brit, they perform their best in their early thirties, while Australians are better than anyone else over the age of 45.

In terms of hard numbers – hehe – it seems that the average man can keep it together for 5.4 minutes, which is far short of the ideal 25 minutes. Luckily, most of us women have learned many, many ways to keep both people going for a while. Now we just have a number to aim for.

If nothing else, this study tells you exactly the kinds of men you should be dating at every age.

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